Training Young People Today, for a Successful Tomorrow

in the Film and Television Industry. 

Below the Line Bootcamp is a not-for-profit training program dedicated to the training of at-risk youth in the basic fundamentals of film production, and giving them immediate opportunities for employment as Production Assistants. BTL Bootcamp also provides continuing mentorship to all graduates as they consider and navigate a career in the film/television world. The program is free to students and relies heavily on the enormous generosity of our sponsors.


Now entering its second year, all of our first-year graduates received the opportunity for immediate placement in paying transitional and then fully paid jobs on set, and of the 12 graduates, over ½ of them are currently employed on fabulous jobs here in the Hudson Valley, working for HBO, REMCycle Productions, Netflix, and of course, with us at Umbra Stages and Choice Films Inc. The film opportunities in the region are only going to continue to grow, and we are very excited to train a fresh group of students this summer to be able to place them on the projects we have landing in the Hudson Valley later this summer and into the fall and winter.     GET INVOLVED 



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