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UMBRA STAGES is a state of the art NYS Qualified Soundstage Facility within the 40% tax credit approved zone (which now includes production Above the Line and Below the line, as well as, post-production).  Over 250,000 square feet of infrastructure, comprised of 10 buildings, including acoustical soundstages, construction shops, scenic shop, costume shop and 100,000 square feet of furnished production office space, #UmbraStages is a turn-key facility for all of your production needs.

AVAILABLE SPACES Conveniently located 45 minutes north of Manhattan.



[Stage 1] a 16,000 square foot acoustical soundstage

[Stage 2] a 10,000 square foot acoustical soundstage.

[Stage 3 ] a 34,000 square foot non-acoustical flex space

[Stage 4] a 20,000 square foot acoustical stage

[Stage 9] a 70,000 square foot facility with two acoustical soundstages and flex support space




[Shop 5] a 8,000 square foot shop and office space

[Shop 6] a 7,500 square foot shop and office space

[Shop 7] a 10,000 square foot shop and flex space

[Scobie Scenic Shop] a 5,000 square foot shop

[Scobie Wardrobe Shopa 5,000 square foot flex space with racks, tables and commercial washers & dryers.

[Scobie Construction Shop] a 6,000 square foot turnkey shop with dedicated loading dock




[Building 8] a 35,000 three story private building

[Building 10] a 16,000 square foot furnished offices

[Corwin Court] a 5,500 square foot furnished offices

[Scobie Turnkey Office] a 7,500 of furnished offices with kitchen and conference rooms.

All stages have 25-foot ceilings and fully installed grids for versatile lighting needs. All stages also feature large catering areas (seating for 125+) with prep kitchens, buffet serving areas, a wing of crew bathrooms attached; 18 talent dressing rooms, with private talent bathrooms and showers; HMU suites with vanity lighting and hair-washing stations, a 5000 square foot wardrobe and costume shop with an onsite laundry facility, a 6000 square foot scenic construction shop, and over 100,000 square feet of furnished production office spaces and conference rooms. Facilities are all equipped with state of the art 24/7 camera on site security (both interior and exterior) and free ample parking.


Our stages are also set up for cars to drive directly onto the stage for enhanced environment vehicle shoots, and we have multiple loading bays for easy load in and load out. 

Our in-house vendors for grip/electric/expendables are The Lighthouse Inc. and all camera needs are serviced by our camera partner Cinelease.  

Full production services are also available, as well as on-site post production editing suites.  


 For more info on all spaces, and a virtual video tour visit:  



Virtual Tour
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